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dc.contributor.authorCelhay, Pablo A.
dc.contributor.authorGallegos, Sebastian
dc.coverage.spatialAmérica Latina y el Caribees_ES
dc.identifier.citationCelhay, P. A., & Gallegos, S. (2023, July 27). Educational Mobility Across Three Generations in Latin American Countries. Caracas: CAF. Retrieved from
dc.description.tableofcontentsThis paper presents new evidence on educational mobility across three generations in six Latin American countries (LAC). Combining survey information with national census data we build a data set with 50,000 triads of grandparents-parent-children born between 1890 and 1990. We estimate a five mobility measures, to show that (i) the empirical multi-generational persistence is high in LAC; (ii) it is much larger than what Becker & Tomes (1986) theoretical model predicts, with a bias that is twice as large for LAC compared to developed countries; (iii) Clark’s theory (2014) of high and sticky persistence provides a better approximation for describing mobility across multiple generations in developing countries. We also uncover that while relative measures suggest stagnant mobility across generations, there are significant improvements according to non-linear measures suggested by Asher, Novosad & Rafkin (2022). This result is especially relevant for developing countries such as LAC, where historical educational expansions have markedly benefited the lower end of the schooling distribution.
dc.subjectInvestigación socioeconómicaes_ES
dc.subjectPolíticas públicases_ES
dc.subjectSector académicoes_ES
dc.titleEducational Mobility Across Three Generations in Latin American Countries

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