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    • Distorsions, resource al location and productivity in Latin America 

      Guner, Nezih; Ventura, Gustavo (CAF; Caracas, 2012)
      We develop a span-of-control model where managerial skills are endogenous and the outcome of investments over the life cycle of managers. We calibrate such model to U.S. data, and use it to evaluate the interplay between ...
    • From maize to haze: agricultural shocks and growth of the mexican drug sector 

      Dube, Oeindrila; García-Ponte, Omar; Thom, Kevin (CAF; Caracas, 2013)
      We examine how commodity price shocks experienced by rural producers affect the drug trade in Mexico. Our analysis exploits exogenous movements in the Mexican maize price stemming from weather conditions in U.S. maize-growing ...