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    • Water Strategy 2019-2022 

      Rojas, Franz; Peñaherrera, Fernando; Orellana, Carlos; Castañeda, Helena; Armijos, Leonardo; Burbano, Luis; Morales, Antonio; Rodrigues, Paulo; Real, Carlota; Rispo, Andrea; Valverde, Osvaldo; Alonso, Agustín; Bianchi, Fabiana (CAF; Caracas, 2020-05-15)
      The strategic objectives set out in this document are interrelated and they guide CAF's growing support in resilient water infrastructure, with an unwavering commitment to the countries of the region to improve their ...
    • Water Supply and Sanitation in Latin America and the Caribbean: goals and sustainable solutions 

      Mejía, Abel; Requena, Bernardo; Rivera, Daniel; Pardón, Mauricio; Rais, Jorge (CAF; Caracas, 2012)
      CAF offers in this document a realistic proposal for sectoral goals the period 2010-2030, supported by an estimate of the associated costs, the public policy framework and the governance needed to make them sustainable, ...