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    • Intergenerational earnings mobility and macroeconomic shocks: Evidence based on administrative records 

      Leites, Martín; Pérez, Tatiana; Ramos, Xavier; Santín, Sofía; Vilá, Joan (CAF; Caracas, 2022-04-26)
      This paper provides novel evidence on trends in intergenerational earnings mobility in a developing country and explores some transmission mechanisms associated with the characteristics of the labor market. Using a novel ...
    • Motherhood and flexible jobs: Evidence from Latin American countries 

      Berniell, Inés; Berniell, Lucila; de la Mata, Dolores; Edo, María; Marchionni, Mariana (CAF; Caracas, 2021-03-05)
      We study the causal effect of motherhood on labour market outcomes in Latin America by adopting an event study approach around the birth of the first child based on panel data from national household surveys for Chile, ...