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dc.contributor.authorFreire, María Emilia
dc.contributor.authorHoornweg, Daniel
dc.contributor.authorSlack, Enid
dc.contributor.authorStren, Richard
dc.contributor.authorThe Global Dialogue Institute
dc.coverage.spatialAmérica Latina y el Caribeen_US
dc.identifier.citationFreire, M. E., Hoornweg, D., Slack, E., Stren, R., & The Global Dialogue Institute. (2016, October 14). Inclusive growth in cities: Challenges & opportunities. CAF. Retrieved from
dc.description.tableofcontentsEvery day around the world our cities add 180,000 new citizens. By 2050, there will be a total of 3.5 billion new urban residents, which will represent a two-fold increase from current numbers. To understand each city´s own local dynamics, it is important to identify how inequalities are affecting their economic performance and what are the main obstacles to increasing social inclusion. Moreover, the role of local governments in the national development strategies of our countries should be enhanced, as they are placed in a central role to design and implement public policies that can open new ways for advancing a sustainable model of society that puts people at the center of development. The objective of CAF- Development Bank of Latin America- is to closely accompany authorities and provide them with practical tools that could support their managerial needs. In response to the importance of generating knowledge about good urban development practices, aligned with the New Urban Agenda, CAF presents this publication that provides ideas on how to generate higher growth by developing public policies that have a catalytic role in the inclusion of all citizens in our cities´ productive systems.en_US
dc.subjectDesarrollo socialen_US
dc.subjectDesarrollo urbanoen_US
dc.subjectDesarrollo ruralen_US
dc.subjectEquidad e inclusión socialen_US
dc.titleInclusive growth in cities: Challenges & opportunitiesen_US

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