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    • Access to Financing of SMEs in Argentina 

      Pasquini, Ricardo; De Giovanni, Martín (CAF; Caracas, 2010)
      In this paper, we examine SMEs in Argentina in search for a measurement of those who are credit constrained. We also estimate a model for the determinants of credit rejection taking into account those that are self-excluded. ...
    • An exploratory study of entrepeneurial ventures in Argentina, their financing and first years' growth 

      Pasquini, Ricardo; Mastroscello, Laura; Valli, Fenando; Segovia, Rodrigo (CAF; Caracas, 2012)
      This is a study of entrepreneurial ventures in Argentina, in particular regarding their finance and growth in their early years. We sample young manufacturing SMEs (i.e., with an average of six years and a maximum of ten ...