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    • Effect of Socio-Economic Stratification on House Value in Bogotá 

      Gallego, Juan; Montoya, Sergio; Sepúlveda, Carlos (CAF; Bogotá, 2016-12-24)
      This paper investigates the impact of urban fiscal policies on housing value. We use a focalization system in Bogotá where certain subsidies and taxes are targeted based on a classification of houses according to external ...
    • The Effect of the Kangaroo Mother Care Program (KMC) on Wages: A structural Model 

      Cortés, Darwin; Attanassio, Orazio; Gallego, Juan; Maldonado, Darío; Rodríguez, Paul; Charpak, Nathalie; Tessier, Rejean; Ruiz, Juan Gabriel; Hernández, Tiberio; Uriza, Felipe (CAF; Caracas, 2016-04-14)
      In this paper we analyze the relationship between skills and some outcomes later in life for a population of premature children. Pretreatment skills and characteristics are good predictors of childhood and adulthood skills ...