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dc.contributor.authorFajardo, Gustavo
dc.contributor.authorSanguinetti, Pablo
dc.contributor.authorVargas, Juan
dc.contributor.authorBrassiolo, Pablo
dc.contributor.authorEstrada, Ricardo
dc.contributor.authorBerniell, Lucila
dc.contributor.authorde la Mata, Dolores
dc.coverage.spatialAmérica Latina y el Caribees_ES
dc.identifier.citationFajardo, G., Sanguinetti, P., Vargas, J., Brassiolo, P., Estrada, R., Berniell, L., & de la Mata, D. (2020). RED 2019: Integrity in public policy. Keys to prevent corruption (RED;). Caracas: CAF. Retrieved from
dc.description.tableofcontentsCorruption has long been installed in Latin America as one of the main concerns of the population. Reasons are not lacking, since the consequences of this problem on development should not be underestimated. In addition to compromising the productivity and growth of economies, it also diminishes the state's ability to provide public goods and services, and may even weaken confidence in formal government institutions. A series of cases discovered in recent years has led to a resurgence of the issue, and the fight against corruption is currently a central point of public debate in Latin America. With this report, CAF seeks to contribute to the reform agenda underway to promote integrity in public policies. The study covers a wide spectrum of fields of action, including the operation and dissuasive capacity of the instances of state control and supervision; the role of entry mechanisms to bureaucracy and politics to select independent and honest officials; the exercise of citizen control and transparency initiatives; and the strengthening of legal processes and frameworks to limit the influence of private interests in public policy decisions.es_ES
dc.subjectDesarrollo institucionales_ES
dc.subjectFortalecimiento institucionales_ES
dc.titleRED 2019: Integrity in public policy. Keys to prevent corruptiones_ES
dc.title.alternativeRED 2019es_ES

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  • 4.1 Reporte de Economía y Desarrollo (RED)
    Serie anual que aborda los temas críticos para el desarrollo sostenible regional. Con la divulgación de estos contenidos se espera contribuir al diseño de las políticas públicas de los países de la región.

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